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 What do we mean by a ‘script’ of a book?


A script is a short description of a book (or of an idea of the book) that includes a summary or overview in bullet points together with any other information that would allow the jury to imagine the integral content of a planned book and a sequence in which the submitted 3 double-spreads would be placed. 

What do we mean by a ‘storyboard’ of a book?


A storyboard is a graphic presentation of the work: simplified drawings showing all the illustrations/double-spreads of a book with an outline of their content.

How many entries can one participant submit to the competition?


There is no limitation as to the number of submitted projects. One author can submit several works, both individually and/or as a part of a team.

Is it allowed to submit illustrations to a story that has been previously published?


The object of the competition is not only illustrations, but also a text of the book. The author of the text needs to have consented to have  their work submitted and to have agreed to the rules of the competition, hence to become a member of a team and a participant of the competition. It also means that the author has to own full copyrights to the submitted text and  their rights cannot be limited by any other agreements with other subjects. As for deceased writers, only texts which belong to the public domain can be a part of a submitted entry. This applies to texts by authors who died before 1946.